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Small bug where audio stops on save

You have to cycle the speaker button to get it working again. Normally the patch used just play audio automagically.

Could it be related to the bussing system changes?

Mojave/Cabbage 2.3.23

Yeah. It was, and it’s fixed in the latest beta :+1:

now I see it. thanks!

If you are using the very latest beta, there might be an issue with exported synth plugins. I’m still trying to get all my AU ducks in a row.

both VST and AU?

Synths aren’t validating, but I should be able to fix it tomorrow.

Is it good to export plugins from the latest build now @rorywalsh?

Yeah, I did a few tests earlier and they all passed. Although I still had to restart OSX once to get the AUs validated. I’ve had it up to here with AUs at this point. If anyone is using Cabbage to develop them, my advice would be to develop the plugins as a VST first using Reaper or whatever else you might have. And then when it’s it is finished, export as an AU :wink:

Great thanks for the update

I’ve added you to the list of devs annoyed by Apple’s constant fiddling with its sdks

Must be a long list…