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Some behind the scenes updates

If it seems that I’ve been neglecting my Cabbage duties of late, fear not, I’ve merely been busy updating everything to the latest version of JUCE 6. JUCE 6 is a big improvement on the older version 5 Cabbage had been using. I think the most relevant update for Cabbage users is that support for VST3 is much more streamlined now. There are some other goodies that I’ve not yet had a chance to look into, but will do in the coming months.

On top of this I’ve completely rewritten the build system. It now uses CMake, which some of you will have come across before. This should make building Cabbage far more accessible, especially to those on Linux who generally tend to have to build from source.

All of these changes are in the CMake branch, which is where the latest DevOps binaries are being built from. I will update the dev branch once we’re happy that the latest betas work Ok across all platforms. Speaking of which, I’m now building a Linux package on each git push too. It’s building with Ubuntu 20.04, but I can add a build for 18.04 too, if people want one. :+1: