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Something I've not seen before

Hey Rory,

After a few days of trying to make some progress, I’ve run into a similar issue that I had before, only there seems to be a new wrinkle… If you look at the screenshot, you will notice I’ve highlighted some things I’ve not seen before.

Those calls are functions I’ve created to wrap each of the related Cabbage calls.

Plus, the error that is killing the run is happening with a function I created to wrap a cabbage function. A few weeks ago I asked about having a cabbage call for

iVal[] cabbageGetValue SKeys[]

There isn’t a version of ‘cabbageGetValue’ with this signature, so I created one. Only trouble is that it seems to be generating an error that I don’t understand (kind of related to the last error I asked about?).

So, can you run this through your error checking and see if something comes up? I included an archive of the latest version. (22.8 KB)

You mean you wrote your own opcode in C? Or is this a UDO? I’m not sure how wise it is to override an actual opcode with a UDO?

But there isn’t an opcode with that signature. That’s why I asked if it would be possible to add it as an opcode. I don’t remember what thread I posted this on, so I can’t point to it…

So a opcode that takes an array of channels and returns their value? An opcode like that already exists in Csound:

Scroll down to the array variants…

Cabbage offers all the rest, I just assumed this is one that was overlooked. I didn’t think to look under chnget… I’ll look at it. Thanks.

Sorry, it’s on my todo list, but it’s an extremely long list at the moment!

Can I assume it is just a matter of swapping ‘chngeti’ with ‘cabbageGetValue’? Or is there some functional difference?

That should do the trick :wink:

Thanks, Rory. It ran as expected the first time!

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