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Soundfiler request

When you load a file into soundfiler and left click with the mouse on the waveform you are left with a vertical cursor of a few pixels wide.

Is it possible to remove this so that when you left click you don’t see this vertical cursor?

Frankly for my purpose, since I use my own cursor, it’s in my way. :grin:

If it’s needed maybe with an option to make it visible. It has probably something to do with the start of a loop or so but it’s unnecessary in my opinion.

Not yet, but I will add a workaround for this. It will probably be Monday or Tuesday before I get a chance to do something with it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready :+1:

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I just pushed a new version to github, should be available in Azure in about 45 minutes. I added a showscrubber() identifier. It’s set to 1 by default, but if you pass a 0 it will disable the scrubber. :+1:

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while you’re at it can you make it possible to change the background colour for the soundfiler window?

I also do not seem to be able, for some reason, to change my form titlebarcolour("colour"). Don’t know why this doesn’t work.

Using v2.5.24.

Again, not very urgent.


Sure, I’ll sort those when I get a chance :wink:

That works perfectly.

Thanks. :+1:

Soundfiler Cursor

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Looks like the magic identifier for this is tablebackgroundcolour() I’ve no idea why I set this as the identifier and not simply backgroundcolour(). Of course changing it now might break people’s code. I think for the next major release I might have to introduce a few small breaking changes. As much as I like to maintain backward compatibility, I’m not fan of sticking to bad design decisions!

Yep, that works. :+1:


I just pushed a fix for the titlebarcolour() issue. Note this identifier is redundant when loading plugins in a DAW as the DAW controls all those things.

Oh yes, I see. In my VST host it gets the same colour as the host titlebar.
So not necessary to set it unless you want it to look good only in Cabbage. :joy: