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Spaces in channel names

I was just wondering if there can be spaces in a channel name?

If you try it you should see a warning in the output console:

Warning: White spaces are not supported in channel names. The following channels need to be changed: "o ption" (Line:2)

It’s because plugins parameter names are stored as xml data. So whitespaces are not allowed.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 4.07.50 AM

I made a mistake in one of my programs and I got no such error messages when using cabbageCreate. I didn’t think to try it statically, but I copied the same line object to a static version, and finally got the error message.

Is cabbageCreate doing the same error checking?

No. The warnings are all picked up with a pre-run of of the instrument. So I don’t expect to catch them when you are using cabbageCreate. I could look into adding the same warnings there, but it would be a bit of work, and might potentially slow down initialisation of the instrument…

Your call. Now that I know spaces are verboten because of the standards, then I will just have to live with it and avoid them like covid! Maybe adding a warning in the documentation for cabbageCreate would be a suitable compromise.

I’ve added this to the docs. I’ll push to the website when I get a chance.