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Hey There

I was following the steps in the youtube video “SImple Effect with Sliders” and for some reason I could not use the discn2 opcode you were using ? basically my wav file did not play, you made it look so easy ?

This is the error I see

error: syntax error, unexpected T_IDENT, expecting T_OPCODE or T_FUNCTION or ‘,’ or ‘[’ (token “discin2”) from file /Users/AlbinusLupus/Library/Caches/Cabbage/temp_3558afc4.csoundCabbageCsdText (1)
line 24:

a1, a2 discin2 <<<
Unexpected untyped word a2 when expecting a variable
Parsing failed due to invalid input!
Stopping on parser failure
cannot compile orchestra

How frustrating I simply spelt it wrong, I see the error in my ways now.

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