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Stable Version for OSX 10.12.6?


I’m new to this and having trouble running the latest version of Cabbage. Is there an ideal version for OSX 10.12.6? Currently, when clicking on basic functions (edit, view, tools, start/stop), the program is crashing. The “examples” will load for me, but crash the program after I hit “start”.

Also, cabbage doesn’t seem to be generating a window that houses buttons, sliders, keyboards, and other GUI elements. Data is present in the “cabbage” section of the Csound code, but I’m still not seeing a window pop up after I click “start”.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Hi @slowmotionsound, welcome to the forum.

This doesn’t sound promising. Although I have 10.8 set as the minimum required version of MacOS to work with, I can’t really tested this without having 10.12 available to me, which I don’t. Does Csound run Ok for you outside of Cabbage?

This might have more to do an irritating bug than the version of MacOS you are using. At present Cabbage seems to have intermittent issues with loading files that have whitespaces in their path. So .csd files contained in folder that have a whitespace seem to be causing issues. I’m looking into the problem, but it’s proving to be quite tricky to rack down.

Dang, that’s too bad. I was feeling really inspired watching your tutorials, Rory. Looks like I’ll have to find a different computer for this purpose. Thanks for taking time to reply.

Update: I must have had an old version of Csound installed. I installed the latest version and Cabbage seems to be running smoothly now.

Thank you for the help and effort,

Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know :+1: