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Standalone osc player


I’ve just recently discovered Cabbage and CSound, and would like to make my first project. I’ve gone through a lot of tutorials and am starting to make some sense of all this.

So, here is my request: The project I’d like to make is a standalone simple synth that receives OSC messages from Ircam’s Openmusic. But, at the moment, this still exceeds my capabilities. So… I guess it’s bad form to show up on a forum and say “can you someone please do my homework for me?”. However, any advice that someone might be kind enough to provide would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Have you tried the the OSC send and receive examples in the Misc examples? That would be a good place to start. Take a look and get back to us if you have any issues.

Thanks for your reply. I did find the osc receive example, but that’s about as far as I got. Sorry, I know it’s kind of a silly question, but I’m having a rough time going from theory to practice with CSound. I am watching your tutorial videos, though, they are really great.
I’ll let you know if I manage to come up with anything.

If you can share some sample OSC packages that OpenMusic sends we can see if we can write a Csound example to parse them.

That’s very kind of you. I investigated the matter in a little more depth, and in the meantime, got considerably better with CSound. And the verdict is, for the time being, it’s easier and more versatile to just use CSound as is. Thanks again for this great platform, though, I’m definitely going to make some plugins for my DAW in the near future. (The reason I was thinking OSC to begin with, is because a lot of OM’s MIDI functionality is deprecated, at least for the moment. You should be able to send things like panning and ADSR info to a DAW, but it’s not working).

I will say that what makes CSound so versatile is also what makes it so confusing. E.G. You can make a whole piece with one note in the score file and a bunch of stuff in the orchestra file, or not, and I’m still trying to figure out the logic of putting the f-tables in the score rathe than the orchestra (but only in cerain cases, etc…

I think function tables are better placed in the orchestra, although I’m still guilty of putting them in the score section!

Yes. And this is why it can be quite hard to read anyone else’s Csound code :laughing: