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Is it possible to make an AppImage of a Windows standalone Cabbage application? Reason for asking: that would make it possible for Windows users who don’t have (or want) Csound installed to nevertheless use a Cabbage app.

An AppImage is a Linux binary format. It doesn’t exist for Windows as far as I am aware. If you wish to distribute a Cabbage standalone on Windows, for users without Csound, you can just package Csound into your application’s installer. This is exactly what the Windows version of Cabbage does. You can look at the installer scripts there are available here:

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Is this already working this way? I tried a standalone Windows application exported by Cabbage on my Linux computer under Wine and it worked OK, but I already have Csound installed. But suppose I would send the Windows app to some Windows user who hasn’t Csound installed, would the installer of the app then ask the user if it may install Csound and automatically do so if he/she says “yes”? Is this how it works?

The main cabbage installers work this way, but you will need to write your own installer to do this if you want to share standalones on Windows.

Exactly. But you need to first create the installer, this isn’t something that Cabbage does automatically.

Thanks for the info! I haven’t got the knowledge to write an installer right now, so maybe later…

It’s not so difficult. Reach out once you’re ready to give it a go :+1:

I’m also thinking about learning to work with JUCE, would that be useful for things like writing an installer?

While you can write an installer with JUCE, it would be too much work. There are already lots of easy to use installer frameworks. But if you are interested in writing your own audio software, I highly recommend JUCE.

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