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Suddenly no sound

Hello everyone,

The problem is that a plugin I was making for the final project of a subject has “crashed” because it suddenly stopped producing sound without any error appearing in the console. Here is a screenshot of my console:

I have experienced this bug a few times and I used to fix it by copying and pasting into another file but this time it seems that it doesn’t have that solution.

I don’t know if anyone has experienced this problem, I share the .csd file in case someone can test if it works on their computer, I’ve been using Cabbagge for three months so apologies in advance if the question is silly or easy to solve.

Prophet5Rev.csd (7.6 KB)

Thanks at all,

Hi Mario,
It works for me once I switched on the buttons for Sq and Saw on the left hand side.

If you find all instruments to be inexplicably silent, it might be worth checking View-Show Cabbage Patcher to see that your instrument is connected to the Audio Output. A couple of times I have found that the option in Tools-Auto Connect To Graph has become disabled for no apparent reason.

NB. when using guiMode(“queue”), you shouldn’t use chnget to read in widgets, you should use the new Cabbage opcodes. It seems to still be working here, but if you do it wrong it makes Rory angry.

I found your panel text hard to read so I changed the panel colour to black :wink:

Don’t give madsr duration values of zero as it doesn’t work at all when you do this. Simply add a small value like 0.005 to iatt, idec and irel to prevent this. Also, use a-rate envelope output variables as k-rate tends to produce some quantisation noise if envelope segments are short and kr != sr.

:rofl: chnget will still work fine btw, but you can’t use chnset to update widget attributes when using guiMode("queue"). So to avoid confusion I recommend using the cabbagetSet/Get opcodes across the board. :+1:

p.s. welcome to the forum @Mario