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SVG alpha value works in Cabbage but not in DAW - Windows

Hey Rory,
I’m having a strange issue with SVG alpha value in Windows within the host.
From within Cabbage this works
<rect x="%d" y="%f" width="%d" height="%d" style="fill:rgba(0,0,0,0);stroke-width:1;stroke:rgba(%d,%d,%d,0.8)" />}}....

and makes the fill xparent. However, in the plugin - in Live and in Reaper, the alpha value is not recognized and it fills with black.

Can you reproduce this?

I will take a look, but considering that circumstances with my hand, it might take some time before I get a solution :+1:

Thanks Rory - I hope you are recovering OK. Can you think of any reason why it might function correctly in Cabbage but not in the DAW? I am also using an older version of Cabbage so I will try updating and see if that fixes it. There’s just a lot of combobox things that I need to rewrite to get our stuff working in the latest cabbages and I’ve been lazy to do it…

Off the top of my head I can’t think what the problem might be. I will try your example code tomorrow just to test if it works. :+1:

@chronopolis Seems to be working here with the latest version:

Are you sure you set the alpha channel of the image that holds the SVG?