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SVGs in last package


I’m trying to create a plugin in mac osx with a custom graphical interface using svg files, but I have the problem that in the package of cabbage I got (the latest) it doesn’t even load the svgs files. I tried on the previous package, but this version doesn’t allow me to do other things I also need. I’m using the CabbageIncludes tags, the svgpath ( “.”) and svgfile (".") but it just doesn’t want to work. What can I do?

Any help, I would be grateful.

Can you confirm that it runs when launched with Cabbage, i.e., outside a host? The CabbageInclude feature is not yet supported in version 2. it’s on my list of things to add. For now you may have to drop the .svg files into the plugin bundle. I think there was a thread about this here from a few months back. I’ll take a look.

[edit] Right-click the .vst bundle and hit ‘Show Contents’. Then copy your .svg files into the Contents folder. Then try it again. If it still doesn’t work, copy them to the MacOS folder. One of those should do the trick.

Hi Rory

It is working now. We used imgfiles(".") instead of svgfiles(".") and it worked perfectly. Thank you very much though!!

Oh yes, sorry about that. I am in the process of updating the online docs. I changed to imgfiles() because you can now use both PNG and SVG images. Although the png images will not scale as well as the SVGs. If you create some really nice looking GUI maybe you can send a screenshot. I like a nice GUI :wink:

Hi,sorry my English, I have problems with the vertical and horizontal sliders. I can not change the shape or size. Loading SVG or PNG the same thing happens to me. They look stretched. they do not look the right way.
In the SVG example, the vslider.svg file is square and cabbage shows it stretched.
It happens here too.

Hola, Tengo problemas con los sliders vertical y horizontal. No puedo cambiarles la forma o el tamaño. Cargando SVG o PNG me ocurre lo mismo. Lucen estirados. En el exemplo SVG, el archivo vslider.svg es cuadrado y cabbage lo muestra estirado.

Can you send me a .csd and some sample SVGs? I can try to fix it based on your images.