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Synth share

Hi guys,

Please remove if this is the wrong place.

Thought I might share something for once. Built a little vst synth using Csound and Cabbage. The Gui is very basic and the csound code is extremely messy but it’s capable of some nice ambient tones and pads.

It’s basically a carrier tone (which can be adjusted from a sine to a triangle for some added brightness) modulated by two separate FM modulators (side A and side B) which can crossfaded between. Each modulator has two shaping controls one that raises it to an exponent less than 1 and one that raises it to an exponent more than 1.

Most of the controls have a drift function which uses random spline curves to drift the control around its set point at a chosen speed. This adds great movement and randomness to the texture

Like I said the code is messy and the synth probably uses much more CPU than it should but I’m really no good with optimization.

I’ve attached a link for anyone to try. I would love to hear what kind of sounds you get out of it!

Link below

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Thanks for sharing, any chance you could share some audio examples with us too :wink:

No problem! Here’s a screen recording I quickly did.

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This is really nice. A huge array of timbres. :clap:

Hello @MYMLA
Thank you for providing the link your VST synth! Despite the code being messy and CPU usage possibly high, it sounds intriguing. The drift function using random spline curves adds character to the sounds. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes