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Tab issues

Soo i have a middle console for my synth, for fx, voicing, and the mod matrix. In the mod matrix, i have more tabs to switch between the matrix. Whenever i use the tabs for the matrix, only the image for the middle tab works, and if i click on the top it goes to the bottom. I havent had any other tab issues, just this. Here is a CSD, see if you can re-create it.GUI TEST.csd (3.1 KB)

Are the images required to see/recreate the problem? I’m not sure if it’s that or because I’m on OSX, but this example is just a solid white image box for me.

Can you post the images too so we get a better idea of the issue?

Heres the result i get from that code

And when i click on the top button, it goes to the bottome, so i have to click the top twice. Is it the fact that its a set of tabs within tabs?

Sorry, I was asking if you could post the images that form party of the instrument so I could test here. I’ll well try later in any case.

[edit] it’s hard to test this without the images. All I see if a blank white screen when I try it.

ooh i see. Heres an updated version so you only need the matrix pngsGUI TEST.csd (2.8 KB) and here are the images Matrix 1 Matrix 2 Matrix 3
put the images in a folder named “Skin” in the same directory as the csd file. Cheers! ^^

I think you have some typo here in your matrix channel names. Also, this is starting to look a little overly complex. I wonder if you wouldn’t be better off simply drawing a groupbox on your tab image. That way you only need to deal with one image rather than a groupbox and image.

Putting plants within plants should work fine, but whenever I’ve found myself needing to do this, I take a step back and wonder if there isn’t a simpler way. 9 times out of 10 there is, and it leads to cleaner code. That might not be the case here, but better to think about it now than get stuck down the road.

Yeah, i took what you said and applied it. Instead of the whole matrix changing, i just have the buttons as a seperate image, and the matrix is set into the menu. This seems to work. Might i still have to use groupboxes to contain the widget arrays that have the controls?

EDIT: how hard would it be to get widget arrays fuctioning inside plants? because all individual elements of my synths are in plants.

I’ll take a look. While I find widget arrays useful for testing and prototyping, I rarely ever use them for end products. I prefer the less is more approach when it comes to plugin parameters.