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Tab panel widget


I have been playing around with Cabbage for a few days to see if this technology is sufficiënt as new platform for some the plugins I would like to release in the future. And I can say i’m very satisfied with the technology itself.

I also have been looking at the GUI designer, to see if that interface goes far enough to realise some of the GUI’s I have in mind. But for the GUI designer, in my opinion. What is really missing (or at least I haven’t found it yet), is a Tab panel widget.

Because I’m trying/planning to have a lot of functionally in my plugins (mostly some complex synths), without a tab panel widget, I just don’t have enough room for all that control widgets on the form.

Is there maybe a workaround to simulate a tab panel widget in some kind of way?

Kind regards,


Hi @defcon8, to create tabs, you can crate groupbox with a “visible” property and with a “identchannel” property

Like this : TABS.csd (1.3 KB)

And then it’s just a matter of design to make the buttons at the top (OSC1, OSC2, OSC3, OSC4) look like tabs button :slight_smile:

This one is from my synth ToneZ

You can see the whole .csd file on GitHub if you are interested, but it’s really big, so the little example I gave you above will help you more I think, at least to get the whole idea ! :wink:


Hey @T0NIT0RMX, big thanks! :sunglasses:

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There is also an example in the misc section called too many sliders. That’s also worth checking out…