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Tailing noise in realtime output

I get tailing noise when I execute any csd in realtime. For example, attached csd generates 1 second sound but unexpected noise appears for about 30 msec. This does not happen when I render the csd with Csound console.

Attached image/wav is the captured noise. I’m not sure whether this is an issue in Cabbage or in the configuration of my PC, but any help would be much appreciated.

PC: MacBook Pro(13-inch, 2017), MacOS11.5.1
Cabbage: v2.7.0

test.csd (222 Bytes)

It sounds like a buffer problem when the score ends performance. If you add f0 z to your score section the issue goes away.

Thank you, Rory! This tips solved the issue, though I don’t understand the background logic. :grin:
It also diminishes the multiple lines of “Score finished in csoundPerformKsmps() with 2.” in the console view. :+1:

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