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The new popuptext() identifier

Attached is a simple example of the new popuptext identifier in action. It can be used to dynamically alter a slider’s popup dialogue, as well as provide tooltip for most other widgets.

popuptext.csd (1.0 KB)

That’s an awesome addition Rory, what a great idea! :wink:

But I think I just found a display/UI bug with the popup text… if you have a widget in a popup plant, the widget’s popup text doesn’t display in that plant, only in the root window (assuming it overlaps in a way that would make it visible).

You can see this in your “popup plant” example, the rsliders popuptext will not be visible unless you have the popup plant overlapping with the main window.

Good spot. I rarely use that popup plant feature. I recommend keeping everything in a single main window but I’ll take a look for those who like to walk on the wild side :wink:

Fixed and pushed to git.