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The new record button in Cabbage

I’m curious about the “new” record button (see screen-shot).
Sorry, I couldn’t find any info.

Press it and see what happens :rofl: It’s described in this thread. The tldr is press it and it will arm record. The next time you play an instrument it will start recording the output until you stop the instrument. :+1:

Very nice! Thank you! Useful to record audio.
So the future 2 additional buttons will record gestures and midi :wink:
It was heard to find under “tweak requests”.

I did dare to push the button to see what happens :slight_smile: but nothing other then blinking red happened, leaving me desperate to get rid of the blinking. It might be good to add the ability to disarm (it feels like a bug to remain in the armed state indefinitely, being obligated to “shoot” in order to disarm) and some more text to the message informing that now it is ready to record audio from the current instrument (when the instrument starts).

Yes, these are fine suggestions ,especially the disarm option. Of course, as with some many Cabbage features, it could be easily explained with an update to the documentation. I hereby promise Cabbage 3 is going to be most documented version of Cabbage yet :rofl: