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Thorin Bass Synthesiser

Thorin Kerr posted this instrument to the Csound list today. I added a few controls and way of saving presets. Some interesting sounds here. Thanks to Thorin for letting me use his code.

ThorinBass.csd (3.9 KB)

p.s. anyone want to share a few presets? I’m starting to collect a few.

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Thanks for share it. Today work about presets…



here are some presets; many are to be played in the range of C1 - C2. If you have a Subwoofer sound’s better!!!

PS: Rory is normal to see the hslider in the background of “xypad” opcode?

Thorin Bass (8.2 KB)

Thanks for all!!!


Nice sounds. the background slider controls the speed of the ball when you automate it.

Hello all in this thread. I have included updated version of ThorinBass in my collection of musical tools (see

I updated saving and loading mechanism to one used in contemporary Cabbage. I have edited presets presets by @Codesound to fit in new saving format.

However - there is no license mentioned so my distribution is legally grey area… Can I ask @rorywalsh to ask Thorin for permission to license it somehow (MIT, GPL, I am fine with almost every open source license)? The same goes for @Codesound’s presets…

I don’t have a contact for him, but I can ping him through the Csound list. Thanks for updating. I had forgotten about this one.