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Thoughts after 7 weeks

After 7 weeks (+30 years with different priorities) of intensive csound experimentation, I would like to follow a level “2” course of csound learning where the focus is not opcode performance but there is an audio target to be reached or built gradually. The floss manual offers general comprehensive directions and a layout of possibilities for further development in csound, but I really lack a collection of extended version of topics that can be found scattered here and there in university papers, cabbage examples, archives by individuals, and forum threads.
If you have any ideas where to look for such a companion, let me know.
If there is an ongoing project with a collection of topics of a higher than than the basic level, I would like to contribute my spare time.

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This is a pretty good text:
Written using modern Csound, I think it’s a pretty great resource.


Hi @cinephos,
I started rewriting Stria for Cabbage (to have it as a vst and also add it as a sample for CsoundUnity).
It is about FM additive synthesis, and contains lots of interesting techniques.
You can find its source here:
Any help would be super appreciated, let me know if you’re interested and I will post what I have on GitHub.

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Many thanks for your replies. :two_hearts:

I have decided to complete my Csound education, and already got the kindle version of Victor Lazzarini’s book. Thanks @rorywalsh. I have also decided to go carefully through the Floss manual. My goal, apart from getting accustomed with more opcodes and mechanisms, is to find inspiration for a project of my own. The subtractibe synth ( à la Fred Welsh) was a perfect opportunity to re-engage with the language after 1993-1995.

@giovannibedetti I would like to be involved in an existing csound project, but not yet. I don’t feel ready yet.

I wish I had the opportunity to get involved 10-15 years ago, when the big development towards today took place. But, I was deep into chess and FIDE (the World Chess Federation) where I served as an official, even became the Chairman of its Online Chess Commission (2014-2018).


Learn something new
and put it into practice soon.
That’s the motto.

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