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TMS issues

So you know about my gentable sliders which you can read about here: Gentable sliders
but for the layout i wanted something cleaner, so im using the too many sliders example to manage it all. I have the slider image start out where i want but it just keeps reverting to the top left of my synth.

My goal is to get it into the central console thing. I have it all start out where i want, but bc it is an update instr it goes there instantly. Could anyone offer me help?

iLeftOffset = 490
kScroll chnget "scrollSlider"
if changed(kScroll)==1 then
	Smessage sprintfk "bounds(%d, 8, %d, 206)", 10-(kScroll*iLeftOffset), 500+(kScroll*iLeftOffset)
	chnset Smessage, "slidersPlant"

Is there any way you can post the full .csd? Or if you would rather not make it public, can you PM me with it?

I’m posting here in case others find it useful :wink:

The way things are drawn in Cabbage is based on their line in the Cabbage code. Each new widget is
placed on top of the previous one. In your case, you should put an image behind the envelop controls to hide the extra sliders. Note that you should create the sliders first, so they are always hidden behind anything that goes on top of them. It will take a little experimentation but should be doable.

With regards to the table colour, just set it’s alpha channel as you would any colour property? For example:

tablecolour(255, 0, 0, 100)

sets the table to red with an alpha value of 100…

Btw, this is what I mean. In this example I have to place images on either side of the sliders to make it look Ok.

TooManySliders.csd (3.4 KB)