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Toggle groupbox don't work


I try to run the example here :
but toggle doesn’t work and the title of the group box is not display. Is it a bug or something i don’t understand ? I’m under Linux Ubuntu with Cabbage 2.9.0 (Cabbage:about : 2.8.162).

You can load the code from the menu:
File --> Examples --> Miscellaneous --> Toggling plants

It seems that something is missing on the web manual.

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Thank you cinephos for your help. Channels are misnamed in the groupbox definition (group* -> sliders*). The bug is in the manual (

The problem that remain is that the title of the group box is not display…

I will take a look at this when I get back early next week. :+1:

It looks like the code in the example on the link above, the channel names for the groupboxes are not matched with what is in the instr below trying to make the changes… But they are correct in the examples version in Cabbage.

This should be fixed now :+1: