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ToneZ V2 - The free VST synthesizer is back with a major update!

Hey guys,

Very proud to announce ToneZ V2 release for Windows, MacOS & Linux !
As I am working on it since 2020 I am glad to finally share it with you :slight_smile:
ToneZ V2 demo video

ToneZ V2 Features

  • 4 Oscillators
  • 12 waveforms
  • User custom waveforms
  • Morphing
  • 1-8 voices
  • Detune & stereo width control
  • 4 Envelopes
  • Custom curves mode
  • Modulation Matrix
  • 2 Filter Units
  • Multi mode : LP, HP, BP
  • Key tracking
  • Filter drive
  • 2 LFOs
  • 6 wave shapes
  • Musical (Gain Key tracking)
  • BPM Sync
  • 6 Built-in Effects
  • Distortion
  • Equalizer
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Compressor
  • Control Panel
  • Preset system (+100 presets included)
  • Compatible ToneZ (V1) presets
  • Expert detune + mix
  • Portamento with glide & retrig.
  • Waveforms manager
  • +20 Extra Waveforms included
  • Create your own ToneZ waveforms from your .wav samples
  • 2 custom waveforms slots per ToneZ instances.


The .csd, as well as an example innosetup file are available on Github !

Hope you will learn new things thanks to it !
This version was a real challenge because I had to deal with custom wavetables, display them, keep them saved with the host session (that part would have be impossible without the help of Rory and the new stateSave opcodes !), same thing to store them in presets, not that easy to store a full table, I had to completely remake my preset system while keeping it backward compatibles to load ToneZ V1 presets !
But finally it’s done, and it brings so much new possibilities to my music, so I’m sure it will please other users too :slight_smile:

Feel free to let me know how it goes in your DAW, I tested on Ardour, LMMS, Garangeband, Reaper but maybe I missed some issues.

Again, many many thanks to @rorywalsh for all the help and the support provided during the development stage and many thanks to @iainmccurdy the great Csound examples.


This is great @Retornz. You’ve done it again :slight_smile:

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It works in Reaper on my Windows 11 laptop. But what I especially like to know is how you created the installer for your plugin on Windows. Where exactly can I find the example innosetup file? I looked on GitHub but didn’t see it.

It’s there in the install folder:

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Thanks! It have it now. But good heavens, do I have to understand all that in order to use it? Or can I just change a few things here and there and that would do the trick?

No, but you’ll still need to learn how to put together installer scripts using or some such framework.

You can probably hack a version for your own needs so long as you respect the license. :slight_smile:

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Yes - I’m prepared to learn something. I will start with watching some video’s on YouTube about Inno Setup. But a book with background info would also be helpful.