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Toolbar buttons and audiograph not connecting

A couple of issues demonstrated in the video below.

The toolbar buttons don’t seem to be responding; this is on Mac 10.13 with latest Cabbage build. I have confirmed similar behaviour on a similar Mac.

The second thing is that the audiograph isn’t automatically connecting when a new csd is run. Connecting cables manually in the AG fixes it but is hardly ideal. I wasn’t able to replicate this on second machine yet so there is the possibility that there is an outside cause, including user stupidity.

Can you enable the auto-connect graph in the settings dialogue?

I’ll take a look at the other issue. I think I know what happened there.

Like I said, I didn’t want to rule out user stupidity. Thanks, Rory, I didn’t know that option existed and I must have unticked it accidentally. Personally, I find the auto-switching menu icons in the settings menu a bit twitchy to work with, but if others like this, I’ll get used to it.

I’m not sure you did to be honest. A few people have reported this issue over the last year or so. Like yourself, most aren’t aware of this option. An option that was added at the request of a user that has probably since never used it :see_no_evil: Anyway, I just pushed triggered a new build now with the toolbar fixes.

I was just waiting for someone to mention this. They are not very user-friendly. I think having to click the tabs would make more sense. Let me see…

A new build is underway. I can’t believe the behaviour of that settings window went so long unchanged. People will probably use it as an example of poor UX for years to come :rofl: No more does it jump, you now need to click a tab item to change the settings context. :clap:

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