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Just wanted to share what I’m working on - see also the picture.
Tracks is a Cabbage GUI that can load a template of say 4 tracks and some effects.
A track consists of a combobox (and some sliders) that allows one to select an instrument from a (SQLite) database.
Upon selection the widgets (like sliders) get their name, range and initial value from the database.
Cabbage communicates via OSC to a modified OSCsound server (originally by Steven Yi). That server could run on other machine (e.g. a Raspberry Pi) than the GUI…

So are you doing this so that you can get better performance with Csound on devices like RPi, because you don’t have to run a GUI? Btw, have you tried compiling Cabbage on the RPi? It should work as far as I can tell.

Yes, that’s the idea. I have not tried running Cabbage on the Pi yet. Also I like the idea to put many instruments and effects into a database. That database could also contain recorded midi tracks (probably converted to OSC). A sort of stand alone Cabbage studio :wink: