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¿Transpose of the midi keyboard?

Hi Rory, i show my synth to my teacher, and he talked me that after measuring a d5 note, its fundamental frequency was like a d7. He told me to watch my midi keyboard, but i didnt change nothing from the predeterminated one. So, i’ve been searching on the code, but I cant find anything that could cause it. Any suggestion???

The problem is that there some confusion when it comes to middle C for synthesisers. Maybe others can atest to this, but I’ve played some that say 256Hz is C3, while others say it’s C4. I think Roland and Yamaha use two different standards to middle C, one calls it C4, the other C3. So yes, it may be an octave off depending on your interpretation, but it’s not too octaves. You can test that yourself. I just did. If it is 2 octaves out for then something is up with your MIDI keyboard. Try it with the MIDI keyboard that ships with Cabbage and you’ll see.

yeahh!! You’re right!. My teacher told me 2 octaves after measuring, but i tested it too, and i can listen just 1 octave off not 2.
By the way, i’ve realised that after c5, i can apreciate a little bit of aliasing playing notes, any suggestion to get rid of this problem??

You need to use a bandlimited oscillator such as vco2 to avoid aliasing. Using your own tables with oscil can definitely lead to aliasing.

Perfect ill try do use vco2 operator instead of oscilli. Thank you!