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Trouble building Cabbage from source and question regarding Standalone Host

I’m no expert in C++ so trying to keep things simple.

Last year I made a plugin I want to distribute. Problem is that pretty much any DAW (except Reaper) doesn’t want to recognise the plugin because it isn’t verified. Which is strange because even DAWs themselves signing plugins (looking at you FLStudio) aren’t recognising the plugin. And if they do, it’s usually broken. However, on my machine everything works fine so I suspect that it’s just the verification thing.

So I sat down to figure out a workaround and the current approach is to just make some installer that uses cabbage to export the plugin on a user’s machine directly. So all versions are locally build and verified.

First thing I tried is to build a test version of Cabbage from source but the build keeps failing because of this enigmatic error:



Unable to copy item at path '/Users/home_mac/Desktop/Music Production/CustomPlugins/Baryonic VST/install code/cabbage-2.9.0/' to '/private/tmp/fOQF9i4r/501/Installer/Applications' because the item could not be found

Suspect it’s related to some missing permissions or so but don’t know exactly. The folder title is always a random string so it gotta be a temporary folder. Anyone come across this before or got an idea how to fix that? Please let me know.

In the mean time, I found this docs article but it feels like it’s outdated. Anyway, I have trouble figuring out how to use/get that and its features. Is this standalone host still a thing?

Any other ideas how I could get local verification going? Trust me, it ain’t the security settings because I’ve already looked into it and my test users were able to load the plugin into some DAWs but not into others. It seems to be different on each machine too so I guess each DAW treats (un)verified software differently.

But this being my first plugin EVER, that stuff is out of my experience.
Sorry for this long post^^.

TLDR: building cabbage from source fails because it’s “missing” a random folder. and is the standalone host a thing or outdated docs information? Just tryna open a .csd and get it auto-exported.

Thanks for your help!

That’s not the issue. The issue is it didn’t build. And that could be for a thousand different reasons. I’d need more details.

It’s part of Cabbage now. It’s the in-built patcher. View->Cabbage Patcher

But let’s go back to the start…

That’s because it’s not signed. Reaper is pretty lenient when it comes to opening unsigned plugins, but as you’ve seen, other DAWs are not.

That will only happen if there is a problem with the plugin itself, not the signing process. broken is pretty vague. You need to provide more details so I can help.

Why are you building from source? This is the part I don’t get…

Thanks for your response. I can only give you so much as the error message the terminal provides. That’s it, more isn’t being put out. I know that the problem is that the plugin isn’t signed, that’s exactly why I wanna build it locally on the user’s machine so it’s automatically signed. Cuz I don’t have the money or will to buy a license for a code signature certificate. Thanks for letting me know that the host is part of the patcher now tho. Will take a look at that.

But you don’t need to build Cabbage, that’s just going to add needless hassle. But even if the user is exporting directly from Cabbage on their machines, they will still likely have issues loading plugins. I have to sign plugins myself locally if I want them to show in various hosts. There is no real way to avoid this.