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Trying to create a virtual MIDI controller (solved)

Hi! I’m a completly noob with Cabagge. It’s an amazing software.

I’m trying to make a virtual MIDI controller VST plugin. I want to send MIDI CC to another VST plugin or MIDI hardware. I need a Cabagge plugin with some sliders sending CC. I think this is easy, but I can’t do It. I was searching examples, but I can’t find an example with one slider sending a MIDI CC (a very simple thing).

What opcode I need to use? Midiout or outkc?

Can anyone explainme how to do this? Or where can I find an example for do this?

Thanks in advance!

Try this example.

CCOut.csd (763 Bytes)

MIDI out examples are still relatively rare but for the most part, they seem to work as expected. The simple example posted here just send CC message to channel 1. I used the midiout opcode which seems appropriate for this kind of thing. I’ve tested it within Cabbage, and I can intercept the CC messages in another instrument so long as I patch the MIDI output from one to the other.

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Thanks very much! Let’s work! :grin::+1:

Thanks, thanks, thanks very much!!! That’s exactly what I was looking for, and works perfectly. Awesome! Regards!!

Great. I’ll rif4t up the code and add it to the examples :wink:

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Very good idea. Thanks again! :grin:

I will be very happy making a virtual MIDI controller with Cabbage.

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Is it possible to send out cc data from effect VST ? or it has to be an instrument VST ?

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I think it has to be an instrument if I remember correctly. Is that an issue? Or can you work around it?

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I want to use audio signal as midi data but i think i can find a way to do it in instrument VST, thanks rory

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Hi Toni, I am not very familiar with coding, but I see you found a way to do exact the same thing I am trying to achieve. (Simply sending values on certain cc numbers to an external instrument via my DAW (Logoc X in my case). Would you mind sharing some code with me, it might help me understand. Thank you so much in advance, best regards, Alain @Toni

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I think if we ping @Toni he might get an email notification about this :wink: