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Tuning systems ; X-edo ; midi compatibility

Is there any compatibility between csound and midi-controllers with different tuning systems (from 12 Equal Divisions per Octave), like the lumatone isomorphic keyboard which EDO can be set ?

I’m a fan of 53-edo, due it being so close to Pythagorean tuning and the additional flavors it adds.
Would be planning to offer the soundprofile of my instruments in different tuning systems and testing it with a lumatone.

I assume these controllers are sending ET notes with additional note-bend data, in which case they should work fine with Csound. But I can’t say for sure, I’ve never used one.

the guess seems worthy of spending 3k, but I’m not really into (technical) playing anymore these days.

I’ve been obsessed lately with Erv Wilson’s combination product sets ( and dreaming about Lumatone, as well as Linnstrument, which is a bit cheaper, smaller but I might be frustrated by no travel keys… For now I’m using (or rather developing) with Launchpad X, which seems to work out fine, with some compromises…Poly-aftertouch is essential, the sensitivity is pure but OK… The manuals on Lumatone could probably help, there are “280 glowing hexagons” it says on the webpage, and it seems each one can be assigned a different channel, which is encouraging. I’m constantly looking for useful controllers, so any info is appreciated! Since I want to use it in combo with acoustical instruments in relatively quiet settings with recording, I’m annoyed buy the loudness of hitting the plate like the Launchpad and probably also Linnstrument. Anyhow, happy micro-tuning ahead!:slight_smile:

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You aim to use both a midi controller and acoustic instruments ? Or do you mean more like a sequence programmer, I don’t see otherwise how you could multitask that with 2 arms and legs.
Or more like in a group setting ?

For composing purpose you can always carefully write out nuance on your computer, no controller needed in that.

Those few youtube videos on one of those midi-controllers is not enough for me to have a taste of the capabilities and atmospheres it can give.
It’s a shame these things are not more of a standard, but popularity has always been notorious for that.

that’s it, real-time compositions :slight_smile:

very frustrating indeed that “truly” customizable controllers are not more available (for my use the Launchpad is not at all customizable since I don’t care about practically any customization features that it offers to more conventional “electronic musicians”). Now and then there seems to be a new company appearing out of the mainstream, but sadly very short leaved…

If you sell your software, you could always keep it as a side hustle. Full-time job dedication wmight probably corrupt your passion, which makes no sense. So you can not be short-lived.

However, I’ll keep this thread posted as soon as that lumatone is purchased. :+1: