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Turn off mouse scroll wheel for nslider widget?

I have some nslider controls that I only want to type into. I want to be able to have very precise numbers, which makes any inadvertent mouse changes really annoying.

Any tips?

You can type into a nslider numberbox? The same is true of a regular slider numberbox. You could also try using a texteditor?

The texteditor might be the way to go … I’ll try it.

Or maybe I should get a different mouse. Some programs work great with the Magic Mouse. Others have occasional hyper responsiveness that will drive me insane. I use a lot of the gestures in Logic, but then am fighting this outrageous mouse
-over scrolling behavior within my plugin.

I think what I’ve determined is that Cabbage doesn’t respond to changes in scroll settings for my mouse. That’s true for the code editor, as well as the behavior of the plugin.

Any way to enable that? It is basically permanently on the most sensitive scroll setting, which is what is frustrating me, both when programming and when using the plugin.

Hmm, that frustrating. I also don’t have access to one of these mice.Have you tried changing the scroll-by settings? I don’t think it will change anything for the widgets, but might make the code editor a little easier to use.

scroll-by is set to 1, which I think is the minimum while still keeping some functionality. I should probably get a different mouse.