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Two questions

two questions:

Is it possible to drag & drop wav-files into a gabbage application?

Is it possible to automatically detect the pitch of a wav-file or assign it?

Yes it’s possible to drag and drop file onto a ‘gabbage’ window :wink: But I just discovered a bug with that code. I’ll post a link to a new beta shortly.

I assume you are talking about detecting the pitch of a sample of a single note? Check out the loscil opcode. It tries to read the frequency given in the audio file. I assume this is written to the header block of a file, but I’m not sure. If you wish to detect the frequency of any old sample you will need to write the code yourself.

I just posted an example here which shows how you can use file drag and drop.

Thank you for your quick help - you are really amazing - your commitment here creates trust.

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