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Unlatched button issues

I had mentioned this in another thread, but hadn’t been able to test it extensively at the time, so I hadn’t ruled out any issues on my end. But at this point, I’m pretty sure nothing is wrong on my end… but let me know if you see anything I messed up:

button bounds(80,50,60,30), colour:0(80,80,80,255), colour:1(130,130,130,255), channel("1"), radiogroup("blah"), latched(0)
button bounds(140,50,60,30), colour:0(80,80,80,255), colour:1(130,130,130,255), channel("2"), radiogroup("blah"), latched(0)
button bounds(200,50,60,30), colour:0(80,80,80,255), colour:1(130,130,130,255), channel("3"), radiogroup("blah"), latched(0)

Mousing over any button is causing issues, turning on all buttons in the radiogroup.

This is tested with the newest release build (not tested with beta builds yet). Also tested with both numeric and alpha radiogroups, and also tested as imported .xml groups and locally, no change from either of those.