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Updates/Fixes/Mods etc

Just a quick rundown of the latest changes available in the latest beta build 2.6.10:

  • updated cabbageGetValue to improve efficiency
  • fixed xypad crash when host is closed while xypad automation is still running
  • added new cabbageGetWidgetChannels, cabbageGetFilename , cabbageGetFilePath, cabbageGetFileExtension , cabbageGetFileNoExtension , cabbageCopyFile opcodes
  • updated warning systems
  • fixed native font issue in style("legacy") mode.
  • fixed issues with cabbageCreate and image and filmstrip files.
  • fixed preset issue with VST3 - preset combo was not updating with session
  • added ‘orc’ and ‘sco’ support for file browser in IDE
  • fixed SVG file path issue - they were behaving differently to standard images such as png/jpeg
  • adding new numberOfClicks() identifier to listbox to allow clicking on single click