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Updating Csound to use gtadsr

In the Csound docs, there is a gated ADSR envelope opcode that I’d like to try out. However, Cabbage 2.9.0 and the latest beta don’t recognize it, and I figure this is because the Csound version that comes with Cabbage is 6.09 beta, and gtadsr was introduced in version 6.17.

Is it safe to install the current version of Csound, 6.18.1, after Cabbage? Would I have to overwrite the Csound version that comes with Cabbage to ensure maximum compatibility? I think there are a few files that aren’t originally from Csound.

What version of Cabbage are you using? All version should ship with newer versions of Csound than that. But either way, there is no issue installing Csound after installing Cabbage. I usually disable the install Csound option when installing newer versions.

I’ve been using Cabbage 2.9.0 on Windows 64-bit. I installed Cabbage 2.9.134 to check the Csound version, but both times the markdown files listed Csound as “6.09 beta”, even though the Cabbage installer lists Csound as “6.17”. Maybe there is a better place to check the Csound version or I am doing something wrong in the installation process. Will try again and test downloading Csound separately.

It could be that the Csound installed with Cabbage does not overwrite previous installs. Either way, feel free to install the latest version of Csound. Cabbage expects to find it in the default install folder, so if you try installing it in a different location it might lead to an issue.

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