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User modification of Cabbage's scrolling functions?

Could it be possible for users to edit the behavior of Cabbage’s scrolling? I’m not too familiar with the parameters or the “why’s” of scrolling and its implementation but I find scrolling around projects in Cabbage to be overly sensitive for my, well, taste. I’ve tried looking into editing my computer’s system settings regarding scrolling and whatnot, but that affects every program on my computer, and it’s really just Cabbage’s that is different and difficult to use for me.

You can edit the number of lines the editor scrolls by in the settings windows. I agree that scrolling feels odd in the editor. I’ve tried to sort it but it comes down to the editor component I’m using from the JUCE framework. It’s just not great.

Ahh ok thanks. Yeah it seems that the weird scrolling feel stems from trying to stop or start scrolling. Like it being too sensitive in those situations or something. Thanks for your advice still!

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