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Users importing waveforms to use as oscillators?

Is there anyway to to be able to import sounds to use as waveforms? I’ve noticed some weird un needed tones within the stock cabbage sine wave which is a hindrance in quality. Is there any way you could import waveforms to use? And be able to have some spare within the files of the vst itself when you release it to other people? And also, how can you switch between the wavetables with a button / arrow either side of the wave table display (for example, clicking the arrow on the right and it switches to the next waveforms in the files)

You can import waveforms yourself and use vco2init to create band-limited tables that you can then read using the vco2 opcode. That’s the simplest way and will prevent any aliasing.

Cabbage doesn’t actually create any sound, that’s Csound’s job :wink: As for extra tones in a sine wave oscillator, can you post some code? A sine wave oscillator will only produce a sine wave.

Slow down! Try getting the imported waveforms up and running first! Do you want to give people the choice of using their own waveforms, or are you just going to provide your own set?

Both really

Sounds spot on, how do I do that?

Have a look at the manual. You’ll see an example at the bottom. Just replace gitTable with a waveform. Check out GEN01, which you can use to load a waveform into a function table. I assume you should relatively short tables for best results.

So to recap, create a table using GEN01, then pass this table to the vco2init opcode. Then read these tables using vco2ft, and pass the output of the vco2ft to an oscilkt opcode. I’ve never done this before, so I don’t have any examples lying around. But give it a go and let me know how you get on :wink: