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Using DLL opcode lib on Windows

I am trying to use updated version of @Michel’s June-21. It uses external C library to parse and load .SYX files. I tried to compile it with TDM-GCC and CMake and it probably succeed (an DLL was built).

However, when I am trying to use it in Cabbage it does not work with message:

WARNING: could not open library 'C:\severak\csoundopcodes\libjsl.dll' (-1)
UnifiedCSD:  C:\severak\june-21\src\cabbage-module\june-21.csd
Creating options
Creating orchestra
closing tag
Creating score
Loading command-line libraries:
opcode deprecated
error: syntax error, unexpected T_IDENT  (token "getjuname") from file C:\severak\june-21\src\cabbage-module\june-21.csd (1)
 line 907:
>>>    SName getjuname <<<
Unexpected untyped word SName when expecting a variable
Parsing failed due to invalid input!
Stopping on parser failure
cannot compile orchestra

Try forward slashes. Or put the dll into the same directory as the .csd file, then you don’t need any path.

I compiled 32bit DLL which cannot be used with 64bit Cabbage. I switched to 64bit compiler and it’s working now.

I’ve been there before. I should have thought of it.

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