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VCV Rack

I was looking at using VCV for a project and wondered what’s happening with using Cabbage with VCV? I tried exporting the examples, but somehow, both of them exported the same interface, despite them not even being the same size.

While they both were different sizes, they both used the same svg file for the background. Does VCV use the size of the widget or the svg file?

I also noticed that none of the labels used in the widgets don’t show up, but after reading the design principles for VCV, it sounds like they recommend putting any type into the svg file, and then converting it to outlines. This won’t be a problem, except I’m wondering about editing the default Cabbage svg file.

Also, how do the dimensions work? The guidelines say to only build your models with millimeters, so how does this related to Cabbage and how it defined sizes?

And last, I know that VCV Host can work with vst plugins, but VCV Rack will only load their own format, and I didn’t want to commit to paying for Host if I can use Rack.


Have you read the details here. The height must be fixed at 380. Note this is pixels. You need not worry about mms, Cabbage VCV Rack will try to show the instrument as it appears in Cabbage, but because it uses an entirely different UI library there are bound to be some inconsistencies. The most important thing to remember is that only a limited number of widgets are supported, and of those, some only feature the most essential identifiers. Also keep in mind that only the light widget can be updated from Csound.

Well, I did go through stuff on your page, but I didn’t see anything about how wide we can make the modules. I tried reading the VCV pager ( ) on how to design the module. It says that all measurements should be in millimeters, and then gives…

Set the height to 128.5 mm and the width to a desired multiple of 5.08 mm (1 HP in Eurorack).

So, can I assume that scaling the 5.08mm by the same amount as the height, I can use that as the multiple for the width?

Also, about creating an svg file for an overlay for the module, that is where they say you should do all of the type stuff… How should we design the svg file for size?


You can set the SVG to be 380 pixels in height. I think the width can be anything. But I have to say that I don’t use VCV Rack. This interface was a proof of concept and never really go to production ready. But I do know some people who have used it without issue.

Great! My idea really is just a sequencer of sorts, so I won’t be dealing with audio per se…

But everything in VCV Rack is an audio signal. Here is a sequencer instrument. Might be enough to get you started.

OK, I was really confused how all the modules all appeared to be the same when I exported them, but now it makes sense, edit the .csd file in place for the module. I had tried to paste the code for these things into Cabbage, and then export it, but it appears that Cabbage will only export the code that is from the template. So, I got things going… Thanks.

I typically create a new VCV Rack instrument from the template in Cabbage, File->New…

Then when it’s ready I export as a VCV Rack module to the Rack plugins folder. No issues.