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Vslider images/filmstrip

Is a filmstrip the only method of creating a vslider image that follows the mouse vertically? If I have, for instance, a 300px diameter circle - just a single image - is there no way to track its y-pos other than skinning a vslider with a filmstrip?

Take a look at the sliders widget example that ships with Cabbage. Accessible from the examples menu, or here.

Got it. I guess there’s no way to make the tracker disappear so just the image is visible? Tried setting all colour alphas to 0 but didn’t seem to take…

No, I’m afraid there is no way to do this. What I would suggest is to use a simple image, and place it on top of an invisible slider. When the slider moves, change the image bounds. Here is the slider csd hacked to do this with the first slider.

customSlider.csd (3.7 KB)

works great… thanks!

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