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Vst 3 issue

For some reason I can only view and open vst 2 exports in ableton and not vst 3. Does anyone know why this is? I don’t have an issue with vst3 in general.

Hi @chrismasciari, what version of Cabbage are you using?

I’m using a recent beta. 2.3.55

Ok, good to know. I’ll take a look as soon as I can…

Thank you.

Have you put your VST3 plugins into the correct folder?

I just tested with the latest beta build and Live is able to see my plugins just fine. Note, I don’t have Cubase on this machine, so I had to manually crate the VST3 folder and then enable system VST3 folders in Live preferences. Let me know if this works for you :wink:

I think I have. I have a Mac and have no trouble adding or seeing new vst3s in general. That is what is confusing about it.

Ok, in that case you’ll have to leave it with me as I don’t have access to a mac right now. I will test in a few days once I am back in the office.

Okay thanks. I’ll keep trying and looking into it and let you know if I found out anything.

Hi @chrismasciari, just checked this now on my mac and I see the same issue. I’m not sure yet why this is happening but I’ll let you know as soon as I have a fix for it.

[edit] found the problem. This new build when it is done should work fine.

perfect! thanks a lot.