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VST export freezes on Windows

I’m using the latest release 2.9.216 on Windows 11.
Exporting as VST Synth works fine until I don’t compile or play the cound file. After compiling / playing the export freezes and I need to restart Cabbage.

Hi @giohappy. I won’t be able to test this until next week. Have you tried stopping the instrument before trying to export? I don’t think I’ve ever had to do this, but still, I wonder if it will make a difference?

I’m having the same issue. Windows 11, same version

I doesn’t make any difference.

I’ll try to find a windows 11 machine to test this on, but it won’t be until early next week :+1:

If needed I can give you remote access to mine. I jave built a debug versioni from master and I could reproduce it.

Cool. Can you build a debug version from develop? If so, can you launch Cabbage in the debugger and post the stack trace once it crashes? That would be helpful :+1:

It doesn’t crash, it freezes. I need to find out where it gets locked.

I cannot reproduce it at the moment, very strange… I will try again later.

On the other hand I’m getting exceptions when I try to enter Edit Mode, but this is unrelated and it might be a problem with my debug build

@rorywalsh it hangs here. And I have to stop the debugger since everything is freezed.

BTW it only happens on one of my PCs, both Windows 11. That’s really odd.

Windows 11, long standing bug… after export VST need to restart Cabbage or it will hang on next save,load,export.

Thanks @giohappy, looks like an issue with modal dialogues. Let me try some things…

I just removed the modal loop that was being used on export and replaced it with a more modern construct. Some modern OSs no longer permit modal loop mechanisms, maybe Windows is catching up. Can you try it and let me know. If it works better I will go through the source and remove all modal loops.

@giohappy, @Kzz, just a follow up on this. I tested now with a Windows 11 VM and I get no freezes with the latest dev build. So I think it’s sorted now. Thanks again @giohappy for helping me locate and fix the issue. :+1:

sorry @rorywalsh, I missed your previous message. I, could have tried it before…
I will give it a try asap. Thanks!