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.vst instead of .dll

Hi, i’m using a mac, when i export a vst plugin i get a .vst file instead of .dll

also inside the .vst there is no dlls

i believe this is normal for Mac. certainly all my VST plugins on my Mac have the .vst extension, and are not .dll files. a dll is more common for a PC/Windows build. if you’re looking for a Windows compatible VST, it would be a better idea to run Cabbage on a PC and build the VSTs there.


@metaphysician is right. Plugins on OSX are actually bundles, i.e., folders with a fixed file extension .vst is used for VSTs and .componet for AUs. You’ll see no .dlls anywhere. On Windows it’s different. Each plugin is given a .dll extension if it is a VST 2.x, or .vst3 if it is a VST3.