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VST mutes as soon second instance started in DAW


I have the phenomenon that as soon I have a second instance of a a VST (effect exported from Cabbage) mutes the whole output. It also doesnt matter where the second VST is inserted, even on another track leads to the same problem.

DAW: FLStudio / latest

Is there something I need to be aware of?


I just tried with version 2.5.12 of Cabbage, which is the latest beta, and I don’t get the same behavior. Are you working on Windows? I tested on Windows but can try on a Mac tomorrow. In the meantime, can you download the latest installers from the Drop link. Then try again. Let me know. FWIW, in my test, I exported the Lofi effect. I created a simple sequence and then I placed two instances of Lofi onto channel 1 in my mixer. I’m not that well versed with FL studio, so please let me know if I missed something :wink:

Hi @rootnote, did you get a chance to check with the latest beta version?

Hi @rorywalsh

I will quickest asap.

Thank you for your time!