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VST not displaying Gui in Reaper (Windows)

Well, color me stupid but I can’t get this to work!

I’m running Windows, and I just today downloaded Cabbage to compile some Puremagnetik’s stuff. I’ve done Voga and Lore, and they bother play in Cabbage as well as Lore works as a standalone. When I export to vst or vst3, Reaper finds the plugins, but does not show the gui.

I’m probably missing something obvious, but there you go. Any thoughts?

Thanks a heap!

Hi @borlip, it’s most likely because the associated .csd file is not in the same folder as the the vst dll/.vst3. When you export a plugin with Cabbage it makes a copy of the .csd file, and gives it the same name as the plugin. It also places it in the same directory. If you exported, and then moved the plugin file, you probably left the .csd file behind. Could this be the problem?

Well, dang. That was easy!

Thanks a heap!

No problem. It’s nice to see people coming to Cabbage/Csound from the stuff Micah is doing with Puremagnetik :slight_smile: