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VST plugins and minimal Csound installer script for Windows

Hey there,

This is for any of you wanting to distribute your Cabbage VST plugins with the outside world. The result is an installer file which you can distribute to the end user, which will take care of installing a minimal version of Csound, create an uninstaller and manage copying the plugins to the user defined VST directory.

Note: This only works on Windows 64bit and generates a non-standalone version. If you want a standalone plugin, consider installing Cabbage along with the distribution. Although, in this case, you wouldn’t need to explicitly install a minimal Csound distro since Cabbage ships with one. I took Rory’s advice in using NSIS for this.

  1. Download and install NSIS, a scriptable installer.

  2. Download “64bit Minimal” Csound distribution.

  3. Download this script:

  4. Make necessary changes to the script, as suggested in the comments.

  5. Save, right click on the script, and hit ‘Compile NSIS script’

Let me know if you encounter any errors. You can learn more on scripting in NSIS online.



Thanks for sharing. Don’t suppose you have something similar for OSX? I’ve been using the Packages softwares, but I would prefer a configurable script.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about asking this. Could someone help me out with an OSX script? :stuck_out_tongue: I was planning on using Packages too. Is there an obvious disadvantage to using it, for doing simple stuff like this?

Packages is fine, although the lack of any real documentations and support is a pain. I would still prefer a script that I can simply call from the command line when I’m building Cabbage, but it’s not a deal breaker. I’m very grateful to have Packages. Installers on OSX seem overly complex to me.

Hi Thrifleganger ,

I can not find the minimal 64bit version (just : 32bit minimum , 64bit binaries , 64Bit full installer)

I downloaded the 32bit version to watch the contents, + - 79 MB I have to put all the files? or only csound64.dll

Regards ,

This thread is quite old. Can you let us know what you’re trying to do and we can help?