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VST question


This is probably a stupid question but here it goes…

With the various updates to cabbage, are the cabbage examples changed or updated in any way? Similarly, does a particular VST that I create from one of the built in cabbage examples change as a result of a change to cabbage?

I guess Im more or less wondering if updates to cabbage change anything or simply the cabbage program itself.

Any help would be great.

It really depends on the update, of it’s only a Cabbage IDE update then the VST won’t be affected by the modifications.
If it’s a change in the behaviour when you run the .csd code in Cabbage (like a new identifier for GUI elements, or other changes like a bugfix, etc.) then the resulting VST when you export will have the modifications
And sometimes the examples are updated too, you can see every modifications on the Cabbage GitHub
Hope that helps !

Further to the points made by @T0NIT0RMX, I will say that I rarely add breaking changes to anything in Cabbage. We just updated the look and feel for widgets, but one can still have their instruments display using the older style widgets. Identifiers don’t generally changes between versions, but new ones are often added. Again, this won’t effect older code. The Cabbage examples provided by Iain McCurdy are one of the corner stones of this project, therefore I do everything I can not to break them! So in summary:

No. Unless we happen to find a bug, which is very rare.

No. Any VST you build should function just fine in the future. If not let me know and I will address the issue as quickly as I can.

thank you for the replies guys. Really appreciate it.

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