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Warning: It looks like you are trying to use cabbageSet opcodes without guiMode(“queue”) enabled. Please enable guiMode(“queue”), otherwise cabbageSet will not work

so i did all my vst in my mac,using and old script ii found as a start up, i could exported vst,au,vst 3 in oxs, then i move everything to my pc to make .dll vst file l and the same .csd file open with that warning and i can not load any sample, how i enable (" queue")? i try just writing this: guiMode(“queue”) on the form caption line, but i think its not that ,thanx for your help.

another thing is i found lots of numbers letter added in all the script by itself in anything named channel

That should do the trick. You seem to have an allergy against posting code? :rofl: Really, if you don’t post code how can we say what the problem is?

When you create a widget Cabbage with automatically assign a unique channel name. You can overwrite this name yourself with something more meaningful.

,sorry i didnt post the code, its too big it say that exceed amount of words or something like that and dont let me do it, , thats why i pasted part of the code the other day, and still like super long., but i think i learn how to paste it so next time i will do that, and sorry for the inconvenience i did.

It’s not an inconvenience, it just means we can’t provide any real help. The absolutely 100% best approach is to recreate the problem with a simplified .csd. You are likely to get a lot more help that way. Looking at 100s of lines of code is a little daunting for forum members.