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Weird Display Issue

Not sure why this has happened, but it just started doing this about an hour ago… (53.8 KB)

I’m also curious. Is there any way you could provide a simplified all in one .csd file? There are literally over a 1000s lines of code here :exploding_head:

My initial reaction is that there is an array indexing issue? You know the system better than I, but it doesn’t appear to be entirely random, which makes me think of an indexing issue. If you run cabbageCreate through a loop, and create 30 images, are there any issues?

I’ll try those things… It is weird how it just seemed to start happening.

Are you using github, or any oother content version control system? If you are not, you should start using one right now. I can’t stress this enough!

With a system as large and complex are yours, it will save your ass time and time again. Just think, you could diff from the current code and the code a half hour ago. In 10 seconds you could identify the problem. Another 30 seconds later I would be able to start fixing it.

What do I need to get started? I’ve not used one before.

And my test didn’t have any issues… So, time for more digging.

  • Create a github account.
  • Create an empty repo with a given name
  • Download and install git for your OS
  • At this point you can use UI tools, or the CLI, which is what I use, and I can only comment on those…

If you go with the command line tools:

  • cd to the directory where you wish to keep your repo code
  • type git clone url_to_your_repo - the URL is available from the newly created repo online.
  • put all your files into this new cloned folder - be careful to choose a good file/folder structure here. It keeps things simpler in the long run not to have that many files on your top level dir…
  • add all files and folders to the your git repo using: git add name_of_folder, git add name_of_file, etc…
  • then commit these to the repo by making a commit - git commit -m "commit label - info"
  • finally push to remote repo - git push origin master

Now each time you make a change to your files, add and commit them to the repo. I usually do this each time I make any kind of significant change, even if it means several commits in a few minutes. It just makes things easier to track after. :wink: Good gitting to you!

Thanks for your patience, Rory. I got the cli program installed, which I did from your link. But I’m still curious why all the other install instructions say you need Homebrew. I wonder if GitHub doesn’t use it itself, but I know there are things you need from Homebrew to compile certain things.

Anyway, I’m looking through some YouTube videos, but of you know if a good source for using the cli, that would be great.

Thanks again!

The git book is the best source I’ve found. I go back to it time and time again.
There is a section on installing it there too. I didn’t realise it ships with the XCode command line tools. They are handy to have anyway, even if you don’t have Xcode. There are a separate install from Xcode, but it’s very straight forward.