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Wgpluck 2

Posting Wgpluck2 here. It is an extended version of Wgpluck. The excite signal is a bit dirty on purpose. It consists of a FM signal and noise, both levels can be controlled as well as the overall level. An excite envelope is added. A ‘pluckamp’ slider (0 to 1) is added that controls the iamp parameter in wgpluck. An overall reverb is added. The patch creates interesting sounds, sometimes resembling woodwind instruments. A next version (Wgpluck3) will include normal rich synth sounds as well, because I expect they will produce nice beating sounds in combination with the natural overtones of a wave guide…

Wgpluck2.csd (3.8 KB)

Some very interesting sounds available here!

Slightly improved version. This one gives better control over the FM parameters by using
range(0, 4, 1, 1, .1) in stead of range(0, 4, 1) and removed wrong code…

Wgpluck2.csd (3.8 KB)