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What are the last Cabbage + Csounds versions that worked well on the x86/Win32 platform?

I’ve been trying to track this down but cannot seem to find a definitive answer.

I don’t need all the latest features or tools, I just want to start learning these programmes without encountering lots of .dll errors etc.

Back in the days when Win32 was supported, was Cabbage and Csounds packaged up together?

Any links to download both of the previous release recommended program versions (or combined programs packaged together) would be very much appreciated!

Thank you.

You can still download older versions of Cabbage for 32bit systems in the old Cabbage releases page here. This one might work Ok, but it’s really quite old. Cabbage has changed so much in that time, and Csound too. But you’re welcome to try it out. However, I can’t help with any issues you might have as I no longer have a 32bit development setup, and it’s not likely I ever will again. Do report back if you get it to work, just in case others are interested. :wink:

Thanks. Much appreciated.
But I couldn’t get that download to work (the test tone worked ok, but no sound from any of the examples).
Eventually I went with this version - it bundles up cabbage, and resolved a number of problems (for example winmme being missing) that I was experiencing both with that old install of Cabbage, and with the install of Csound 6.07.0beta2.exe that I also tried. I’m going good with it now, thanks again.

Ok cool, I didn’t realise that it also bundled Cabbage, that’s good to know :wink: